Why I Chose a Dual Flush Toilet


Where there is water, there is life. I am sure all of us have come across this fact at some point. Although 70% of the Earth’s surface is composed of water, we still lack clean water in a number of areas around the world. A number of initiatives have been taken to cater to this problem by reducing the water wastage. One such initiative is the dual flush toilet, which is already a universally accepted concept.

The basic function of a dual flush toilet is to provide different flushes. Solid wastes require more water for flushing while a smaller amount of water is required for the liquid waste. The dual flush toilet controls the amount of water used.

Dual flush toilets were first invented in Australia, but now are being used in almost every corner of the world. In this article we will discuss the underlying principle behind the dual flush toilet and discuss its working.

To understand how a dual flush toilet saves water, we first need to understand how the conventional toilet gets rid of the waste. The standard toilet has a siphoning tube, which leads to a drain. During flushing, a large volume of water enters the bowl and the siphoning tube pulls the water up and the waste down the drain. The water keeps on flowing down the drain until air enters the siphoning tube.

Dual flush toilets differ from the standard conventional toilets in the respect that they have a larger diameter trap way, which makes it easier for the waste to exit through the drain and a smaller amount of water while doing so. The standard toilet uses the same amount of water for each flush while the dual flush toilet uses half the amount of water for liquid waste. When you add all these factors, statistics show that dual flush toilets can save up to sixty eight percent water as compared to standard toilets. This reduces the water wastage by more than half.

A dual flush toilet may come at a higher price than your standard toilets, but when you compare them both and look at their pros and cons, you will see that the dual flush toilet is worth the money. One extra advantage is that it rarely ever clogs so you won’t need a plunger.

Furthermore, it is for a good cause as a great number of people lack access to clean water and installing the dual flush toilet will save water and lessen the burden on Mother Earth.

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